Perfect Chemistry Gift Box

About This Project

Your are one in a Beryllium!

With the month of love in the air you can BE assured that these gift boxes are the ideal reactant to create the perfect chemistry between any brand and it’s client.

Molecules like the The Duchess Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic, Ma Mere Confections nougat, the Treat and Company jellybeans and heart shaped candy is a reaction that is definitely the BE’s absolute. Even with atoms like New Harbour Distillery ‘Spekboom’ gin, hibiscus and ginger syrup, G&T flavoured Turkish Delight, strawberry bitters and garnish there is no doubt that new chemical bonds will be formed.

For the binding energy each element was branded with a theme related floral designed tag or wrap, placed inside a beautiful raspberry coloured gift box with matching filling, rose aroma potpourri for the perfect compound and completed with a vibrant wrap as the reflector of the company.