About This Project

At Rebelle Design we love crafting unique stationery items that push boundaries and leave a lasting impression, therefore when it comes to marketing our own brand we want to express our brand message in a way that not only relates to our target audience, but also yield favourable results for the company. So with that in mind, we came up with a creative, sweet and colourful way to promote our brand in a way that’s both effective and affordable.

Check out our fun and tasty handmade branded LOLLIPOPS! They are deliciously convenient treats that no one can get enough of and giving some one a sugar boost is sure to get our brand on everyones lips. Each of the seven rose flavoured sugar lollipops included an edible icing label with a letter spelling out “R E B E L L E” , all packaged in a custom designed gift box with a belly-wrap, “Make it POP with…” and “Suck on this” information leaflet on how to get your yummy Rebelle “fix” not only for the week, but for the whole year around.